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High Sensitivity Microwave Cuffless Sphygmomanometer

Title of Invention

High Sensitivity Microwave Cuffless Sphygmomanometer


This proposal proposes a microwave technology for pulse waveforms measurement and blood pressure estimation. By non-invasive, non-contact measurement characteristics of microwave, the problems of past methods can be overcomed, such as the sensor must close to the subject and the sensor will limit the behavior of the subject. Through special sensor design and optimization of measurement method, the sensitivity of the sensor can be improved several times, so that the pulse beat signal can be clearly detected and used for blood pressure measurement.



The proposed methods can overcome the contact problem and achieve the non-contact measurement. The proposal has the advantages for sensing due to the high sensitivity and non-invasive characteristics, and the real time and high accurate detection pulse waveforms.

Possible Applications/ Industry Categories

The techneique have the potential of the ability for vital sign sensing and health caring.

Contact Information

Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center, NCKU

Contact personYi-Yin, Lin




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