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Qualifications for Applying



  • Enterprise within The Republic of China
  • Enterprise that qualified Small and Medium Enterprise standard (Capital below 80 million、Employee below 200 people) 
  • Innovative technology/products、or NCKU assist able technologies
  • Group member within 10 people




  • Application form
  • Memo of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Collaboration with National Cheng Kung University Professor
  • Business Registration form & Certificate of profit seeking enterprise
  • Operation Plan of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Declaration of agreement to examination




Accepted at Anytime


Results and Reply


All application results will be replied by written documents within 30 days of the applied date (time mentioned above does not include document reprocessing time). For rejected application, applicant can re-apply within one month. If application were rejected again after re-applying, applicant will not be able to apply again within 6 month.    


For further information please contact:

Kim Fang (Assistant Manager)、Bi-Fong Fang (Manager)

Tel:886-6-2757575 Ext.81322 #13


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