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Dynamic Assigned Addess Change Mechanism and System

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Title of Invention

Dynamic Assigned Addess Change Mechanism and System



In recent years, industrial control systems (ICS) are widely used in many occasions. With the deployment of ICS getting larger, the threat against ICS also become more frequent, which makes information security of ICS an important issues. Since a large amount of ICS devices are used in critical infrastructure, the compromised ICS devices may lead to damage of sustainable livelihood systems, and even threaten national security. This study discusses the network-layer communication on ICS. We proposed a metheod to avoid attacking of communication, and elaborate on the means of communication, which makes communication parties know how to communicate with each other without transmitting data.Then the study also mentioned changes of means of communication would not impact the quality of communication. We design an algorithm for the future development of ICS , enhanced the critical infrastructure security, and recommended that the government and enterprise should employ the similar mechanism for security.


Using the mechanism of cryptography algorithm, with seed existing in devices in the beginning, we can calculate the communicating address by thetime with the seed. Since the method is formed off-line, data is not transmitted through the internet, which greatly lowers the risk of being stelt. Moreover, since the changing of the address is swift, even if the attacker steal the communicating address, the stelt address would expire due to the fast changing address mechanism. With this method, we can ensure that only authorized communicating parties could know the communicating addresses of each other.

Possible Applications/ Industry Categories

  1. Industrial control system
  2. Security access control system
  3. Factory automated control system

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Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center, NCKU

Contact personClaire Huang



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