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The SATU Presidents’Forum is excited to announce that the 2023 SATU SMART 5th International Innovation Competition

A delegation from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport visited NCKU on February 6th. Led by Vice-Minister of Education, Science and Sport Gintautas Jakstas, the delegation comprised Jurga Strumskienė, Director of the Ministry, Jūras Banys, President of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Romas Baronas, former chair of the Research Council of Lithuania, and professors at Vilnius University. NCKU's President Shen, Meng-Ru received the delegation to discuss bilateral cooperation, including academic research, exchange programs, talent cultivation, and industry-university cooperation.


In the principal's office, President Shen welcomed the delegation. In addition to graduating from Oxford University, he had a medical background. He recalled that he had taken part in many activities in European countries 20 years ago when Taiwan was attempting to reintegrate into the WHO, and his expectation was to strengthen ties with European countries and expand opportunities for academic cooperation. The distinguished guests from Lithuania shared their observations and suggestions on the possibility of future scholar exchange opportunities between Taiwan and Lithuania, introduced Lithuanian technology and the current talent exchange program, and expressed optimism about bilateral scientific research cooperation.


A formal academic cooperation agreement was then signed between Ju-Ming Wang, Dean of the College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, and Daumantas Matulis, Head of the Department of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design at Vilnius University. Research exchange programs, student exchange programs, academic research, and other activities are included in the collaboration.


During their visit to NCKU's Innovation Headquarters (IHQ), the Lithuanian delegation was introduced to NCKU's accomplishments in the areas of patents, technology transfer, industry-university collaborations, and innovation by Executive Vice President Woei-Jer Chuang and supervisors of IHQ. IHQ is especially responsible for industry-academia activities and provides one-stop services for patents, industry cooperation, technology transfer, and innovation.  A wide variety of industrial members have established joint R&D centers with NCKU, including TSMC, Yageo, Quanta Computer, Accton Technology, China Steel Cooperation, and AUO. And there were more than 30 cooperating companies representing a wide array of industrial members in IHQ.


As Lithuania's largest comprehensive university, Vilnius University is located in the capital of Vilnius and has more than 1300 faculty members and nearly 20,000 students. Established in 1579, it is also the oldest university in the Baltic region. Today, the university is renowned for its physical sciences and technology programs as well as its life sciences programs. There are currently four research cooperation projects between NCKU and Vilnius University, which cover the fields of medicine, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. 


In September, 2022, accompanied by Jian-Jhang Huang, MOFA's Senior Executive Officer for European Affairs, Paulius Lukauskas, Lithuania's first representative in Taiwan, led a Lithuanian delegation to visit NCKU's College of Science. Among the members were representatives of the Lithuanian Laser Association, the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association, as well as representatives of the Photonics and Biotechnology industries. During the visit, the participants exchanged and explored potential cooperation opportunities in the future. In February, 2023, a delegation of high-level officials from the Lithuania Ministry of Education, Science and Sport was invited by the National Science and Technology Council to visit Taiwan for a period of seven days beginning on Feb. 2. During the stay, the delegation visited the National Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Education, top universities, and research institutes to learn more about Taiwan's higher education resources, strengthening partnerships and expanding exchange opportunities.

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