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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property management     

   ► Invention disclosure assessment

        The invention and technology disclosure is a confidential document to fully describe the new aspects of invention, including the critical solution it provides and its advantages and benefits over current technology.  

   ► Patentability & marketability assessment 

        We conduct patent searches and patent landscape study (either in-house or contract out to patent firms), and analyze the market and competitive technologies to assess the invention’s commercialization potential.  The assessment process will guide our licensing strategy to license exclusively    or  non-exclusively, or to license the invention in different fields of use.

   ► Intellectual property protection

        If appropriate, necessary or warranted funding is available, we will file for patent application domestic and/or world-wide.  Then it will require several years and tens of thousands of dollars to obtain an issued patent.  Other commonly used forms of intellectual property protection include copyright and trademark. Unique biological materials and software can often be successfully licensed without formal intellectual property protection.  

   ► Marketing and commercialization

        We are committed to broadly marketing all technologies to appropriate companies that could be interested in commercializing the particular invention.   If there are several parties interested in a license, we will endeavor to license non-exclusively or grand field-of-use licenses, if possible.