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Germination Functional Center

 About Germination Functional Center

     The「Germination Functional Center」is established under the supervision of both the Principle and vice principle, providing Post-Doctoral researcher in assisting with each case, and cooperating with 「The Research &Development Center」 and 「Research and Service Headquarter」.

    The Research and Development Center Gathers NCKU research achievements, and conduct Academia and Seed exploration;The Research and Service Headquarter is in charge of the breeding and the construction of Germination environment. With TTBIC’s expertise in the field of IPR Management、Technology Transfer and Innovation & Incubation, it provides great assistance to the Germination Functional Center with the exploration and execution of each case.

    TTBIC assist in the field of IPR Management and Legislation related case, which includes Industry Academia Collaboration and Promotion、Patent Application and Technology Transfer Service、Industry Technology and Enterprise Incubate Service, provide Germination plan with breeding crew that is Professional、Caring、Attentive and Patient. The breeding crew possess the passion for breeding new technology;in charge of research center related performance assessment, include the correction and execution of legislation、reward Excellent research, also it helps with the planning of facilities and equipment, in providing environment that is suitable for Germination Plan.   

    In the past 10 years, both the 「The Research &Development Center」 and 「Research and Service Headquarter」 works together in creating excellence  in Industry Academia Research, and with the support from NCKU Alumni, it has achieved the Excellent in Industry Academia environment.

    The Mission of Germination Functional Center is to explore and cultivate technology that is high in originality and Business Value. Hoping with the combination of Academia Excellence and Industry trend, there will be an advance in the industry level and the remarkable vision of destructive innovation.

    The Research & Development center、Research and Service Headquarter and TTBIC, are the three unit that is in charge of executing Germination plan. Within the school it assist the Management Department、Creative, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center、NCKU Alumni Center、Tainan Science Park Research and Development Center、and SIAT, SMEA. The Germination plan also collaborated with resources from Taiwan Comprehensive University System (T4), to push forward with the processing of Germination.

Germination Functional Center Organization is divided into Inner and Outer Parts: 


  1. Inner Parts:

          The Germination Functional Center divides its cases into four major categories: Medical Research、Electric Information、Agricultural Technology and Medical Equipment. Every technology field is equipped with a Post-Doctoral Researcher and Technology Manager to assist with the development of each case, and also go into Business &Technology Evaluation.  

 Also, the Germination functional center has integrate with TTBIC, providing Patent Application Service、Promotional Marketing、Innovation & Incubation、and other Legislative related service,  to assist resolve all the problems that each case will face . More Importantly, on the first year the center cooperated with The Research & Development Center with「Research Energy Inventory」, and combine it with 「Young Innovator Competition」 event,into promoting Germination idea to professors and academic administrative directors.


     2.  Outer Parts:

         In order to strengthen Germination case's development, the functional center assist individual client search for professional consultants assistant base on each case’s need. For example Patent & Trademark Law Office、Intellectual Property Consultant Firm、Financial Accountant Consultant Firm、Industrial Consultant Firm and International Professional Consultant. By cooperating with professional consultant firms the center hope to provide better service.