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National Cheng Kung University Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer(CRTT) was established on August 1st 2007. Integrate both Technology Transfer Service Center and Innovation & Incubation Center, also recruiting elites to strengthen center’s service. CRTT has built up valuable technology transfer and incubation experience, as well as a major contribution to the Southern Region Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Technology Service Center was originally established on October 2000, due to The Fundamental Science and Technology Act. And it was one of the few important organizations that were first subsidized by the National Science Council. The CRTT has always been responsible for NCKU Intellectual Property rights related service, which include applying for Patent Rights、Technology Promotion、Signing of Authorization Agreement and many more.

Innovation & Incubation Center was originally established on December 1997 with the subsidization from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Small and Medium Enterprises, it combined NCKU research power、facilities、and Business Administration resource into training Small and Medium Enterprises and setting up a cooperative relationship with all the enterprises. With recognition of the importance of 「Industry Academia Cooperation」, on 2008 Ministry of Education promoted「2008 Higher Education Industry Academia Cooperation three year plan」, the purpose of this plan is to support school in designing a main system to help continue bridging between academia and industry in the on-going knowledge economy.

NCKU possess great strength in the field of Research and Development and outstanding Industry Academia Cooperation, also it has received outstanding award from The Ministry of Education. In order to put government resources to full use, NCKU hired elite from top 100 enterprises as the center’s head manager, and also organize a team of specialist, using professional business management strategy into building an Industry- Academia networks with Enterprises.  


 Service Functions:

A. Technology/Authorize Transfer

  1. Patent Inventory/Analysis/Deployment.
  2. Market Research/Authorized Enterprises.
  3. Negotiation/Option Premium Calculation/Agreement Drafting.


B.  Innovation/Incubation

  1. Early Stage: Provide software& hardware equipment and facilities、Assist formulate business plan/ Source of Funds、Provide legal consulting.
  2. Later Stage: Assist in recruitment/ Business Administration.


C.  Industry-Academia Collaboration/ Education Collaboration


D.  Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration



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